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Geography[ edit ] Jestädt lies at the far southwestern foothills single frauen wolfsburg the Gobert mountain range in the Werratal — the valley of the Werra River in the Kaufungen Forest — and on the north side of the Werra River, 2. This river flows south of Jestädt.

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The Mühlbach [ "Mill Brook" ] runs through the middle of the village to one side of the Werra and the Wehre River empties into the other side in the west-south-west of the village. The neighboring places are Motzenrode in the north, Neuerode in the northeast, Grebendorf in the southeast, Niederhone in the south and Albungen in the northwest.

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History[ edit ] Mentioned for the first time in the records inJestädt is one of the oldest settlements in the ancient district of Eschwege. It was originally built as a fortified village to defend a Ford across the Werra River.

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The village's name, according to Professor Theodor Haas of Fuldais composed of two words. The other is the word Stätte, the German word for "place".

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Gahesteti or Jestaedt therefore means a place on a steep slope, which describes the actual location of Jestädt today. It was spelled as "Gestede" in and "Jestade" in but its present spelling did not come until The vineyard north of the village might be one of the possessions mentioned in by the Holy Roman EmperorOtto IIIin his deed of gift to his sister Sophia, the Abbess of Gandersheim. In there were eight wineries in Jestädt, all working in the vineyards of the Lords von Boyneburg-Hohenstein.

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Jestädt itself belonged to the Counts of Everstein but it later passed to the Northeim Counts von Northeim. Its new owner, Otto von Northeimthe Duke of Bavariahowever, died in before he could take formal possession. But, at least sincethe Boyneburg-Hohensteins had had to work for the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel except for the years of the French occupation untilwhen the entire landgraviate was annexed by Prussia after the Seven Weeks War.

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At first, because the Lords von Boyneburg-Hohenstein had bought letters of protection, it was left alone by the Imperial armies of Generals von Tilly in and von Wallenstein in But, inwhen the Croats came, they torched the village, burning 17 houses to the ground, and many of the residents fled to the Eichsfeld. Next came the Swedish and French troops inwhen they were withdrawing through the Werratal.

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Single werra meissner kreis Single werra meissner kreis, they used the village church as their barn for their horses single werra meissner kreis burned all its benches and pews. It got so bad that, in the church, "one could see through the roof and count the stars [ man von unten durch das Dach sehen und die Sterne zählen konnte ].

In only one child was born and the next birth did not come untilwhen twelve more were born.

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It had only 66 households in and 68 in